Review: uk cheap replica Longines impresses with the stunning, new Heritage Silver Arrow

The cheap fake Longines Silver Arrow watches is a simple three-hand watch, based on the original timepiece that first debuted in 1956. Named after the renowned German sports cars that were a fixture on race tracks back the yesteryear, the watch certainly endeavoured to pursue the kind of success that is enjoyed by those cars that bore the very same namesake.

Interestingly, as pointed out by some other journalists, the Silver Arrow was also reintroduced earlier in 2009 – albeit in the form of a 38.5mm watch that features a date indicator and a less detailed stick indices. It was still a remarkably nice watch nonetheless.

Now, back to the 2021 iteration. This version is much closer to the original version, but with some tweaks. How does it stand against the original model, as well as the 2009 variant? Let us find out!
The high-end fake Longines Heritage Silver Arrow is a subtle and elegant piece, and Longines had retained these characteristics by introducing the watch with a case dimension of 38.5mm. This is similar to the 2009 iteration, but it is definitely a tad smaller than most modern best replica watches these days. We are, however, glad that Longines had taken this step as the watch certainly looks immaculate and prim with a relatively smaller case.

Design-wise, the case is rather simple. The Longines replica with stainless steel case features a pair of elongated lugs, as well as a thin bezel. These are hallmarks of a dress-watch, and we do think it works well with three-hand watches that are gunning for the more minimalistic and classy looks.
Moving on, the highlight of the piece certainly lies in the dial. One interesting point to note is the colour of it – it ranges between white to a very subtle yet tasteful shade of cream under different lighting conditions. In certain angles and lighting, in fact, it does look like a light custard (or tau huey, for a more localised context) especially with its smooth texture. We do enjoy the effects, and it certainly gives the watch different dimensions – with white being modern, and cream being more rustic and classic.

The indices are also another noteworthy point. Similar to the original iteration, the applied indices are corrugated. Visually, the indices are stunning especially when it reflects light at different angles. It also provides a nice touch to the three-hand Swiss movements fake watches, where small details as such are appreciated and much valued by collectors. This is certainly a step up from the 2009 iteration, and it is certainly something that makes the Silver Arrow a little more special as well.
Finally, we have the hands. Longines opted for the lozenge hands, which is identical to the original 1956 iteration as well. It is applied with a thin strip of luminescence material, which allows one to see in the dark. Frankly, we could have done without that, as it does look a wee bit out of place with the theme. However, we do understand that sometimes, there are collectors who opt for functionality over these minor indiscretions.

Overall, we do think the Silver Arrow is a handsome watch. We like its classic looks – from the creamy dial, to the corrugated indices and the cursive fonts that were used at the six o’clock position. In fact, we do go as far to say that this is perhaps the best looking watch of Longines’ 2021 novelties by a margin. The brand has certainly got it right again when it comes to the Heritage line.
Powering the Silver Arrow is the Calibre L888, a movement that is probably familiar with most collectors who are acquainted with Longines watches. This is a self-winding movement that beats at 25,200 vph, and it boasts a decent power reserve of around 72 hours.

The watch is fitted with a solid caseback, and hence we are unable to ascertain the level of finishing of the watch. From what we have learnt thus far, we do reckon the L888 is probably treated with basic forms of finishing – which is expected of a timepiece at this price point. Anything beyond the industrial-grade finishing will be an additional bonus, but we are not too particular about this for an entry-level piece.
The brown leather strap copy Longines Silver Arrow is priced at S$2,950. At this price point, we do think that it offers great value – considering its quality and looks. In fact, we do go as far to say that it is a very compelling choice for a new collector who is looking for his or her first entry-level luxury replica watches with a rich history and strong brand pedigree.

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